About Us

Iosso Metal Processes founder Richard Iosso, developed a metallurgical breakthrough chrome plating process over 50 years ago.  These processes continue to create longer part life and enhanced cost savings for various industries.

The facility boasts a 27,000 square foot plant that holds state of the art equipment which provides consistent controlled quality coatings.  Based on the part size and quantity required will determine what department the parts will be run in.

The design and engineering team evaluates the needs of the customer and develops an application suitable to achieve the end result required.  Whether it’s longer life corrosion resistance, or increased surface hardness, the design team will choose the correct requirements needed to achieve the end result.

The facility is comprised of a custom parts department that handles molds, mold components, and precision parts that range from very small 3/16” O.D. to very large parts up to 6 feet long.  The custom molds and parts will be handled by skilled workmen to achieve the coating properties and critical tolerances required.

The production line can deliver high volume parts, up to thousands per day.  These individually racked parts provide quantity, as well as, achieve the critical tolerances required. The quality control team assures the parts are processed according to the customer requirements.  The in-house metallurgical laboratory maintains the processes are performing as designed and as per customer requirements.  The Iosso Metal Processes are truly the most consistent and convenient one-step coating process to achieve strength and precise close tolerances without further operations.